Renovating a small bathroom can cost an average of 3,000 euros, but a lot depends on the materials you choose and the quality of the fixtures, bathroom fixtures and various accessories. Without forgetting the cost of the tiles, the tiles and the design, you can think of the simple improvement of the bathroom, aiming for the essential, or an important restyling from an aesthetic point of view (with an increase in the price). It depends on how much you want to invest and spend, even if there are advantages for those who renovate tub to shower conversion in Fenton, MO.

Tax deductions for the renovation of the bathroom

The state helps those who decide to renovate their bathroom with an IRPEF deduction of 50% of the cost incurred up to a maximum of 96,000 euros. An interesting figure for those who decide to renovate the spaces dedicated to the toilet and bathroom fixtures. But how does the bonus work?

You can enter the expenses incurred to renew the bathroom in your tax return and have a tax relief of up to 48,000 euros (or 50% of 96,000).

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Who can take advantage of the tax bonus?

The owners of the property and those who have the right to enjoy the property, even on second and third homes, can take advantage of this tax deduction for the renovation of the bathrooms. The works that fall under this tax bonus are indicated in the Restructuring Decree:

  • extraordinary maintenance of the individual units
  • ordinary maintenance of common parts
  • removal of architectural barriers
  • Interventions for areas prone to natural disasters.

To learn more, take a look at the official document dedicated to tax breaks published by the Revenue Agency.

For extraordinary works that do not involve a review of the structures, however, the CILA (sworn communication of commencement of works) is mandatory and to work with a surveyor to define the documentation necessary to operate in compliance with the regulations.

To renovate the bathroom you may need different documents. In some cases, when the work is minimal, a form is enough to report the communication of commencement of work (CIL).