Houses are made beautiful by choosing the correct patterns, designs, colours, and interiors that all gel along well and blend in to form a theme of choice. But all this aside, another major aspect that contributes to the overall look of the house is the floorings. Flooring is basically the work of choosing the right material and getting it fixed for a floor. No matter how good the designs and furnishings of a house, floors are what give a fine finish and bring out all the other elements to light. Among the many types of flooring, laminate is a popular material used, and this article will talk about laminate flooring in Utica, NY.

Laminate- A popular choice

Hardwood Floors

Different places use different kinds of flooring depending on the climate of their place, such as marble, tiles, stones, etc. But among all other types, the most widely used material for flooring is laminate. It is a composite artificial material made by compressing thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins, used for finishings of plywood, furniture, etc.

Why laminate?

It is made of 4 layers- a clear protective layer, design layer, core layer, and moisture-resistant layer, making it suitable to be installed in any room of the house be it a bedroom, kitchen, basement, etc. Another feature of laminate is that it can mimic high-end floor coverings. Materials such as ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone, hardwood, and carpet flooring are much in demand and high in maintenance and costs. Hence, some may just want the look of tile, stone, or wood for a lower price and maintenance and this is when a laminate flooring serves perfectly.


A few types of laminates available in the market are-

  • Ash grove oak
  • Rend lake oak
  • Yarlington maple
  • Juno oak
  • Mountain lane oak, etc

Hence, laminate is one of the most cost-effective and attractive options for flooring, offering easy cleaning and maintenance. You can find good laminate flooring in Utica, NY with experts to guide you through it, that can custom serve your likings, ensuring you a floor-ishing house!