Now that the good weather has come, it’s time to start thinking about cocktails. And there is nothing better than a refreshing drink with a touch of alcohol to make the heat more bearable. We can enjoy them on the terraces of the bars, in a glamorous party room, on the beach, in the pool or sitting at the table on our small balcony. Something that we all want. Click here for cocktail bar hk.


This cocktail was born in Cuba and is currently one of the best known on the entire planet. No matter how many years pass, the mojito will always be the undisputed protagonist of summer cocktails, the favorite of many people in these months. Visit this site for cocktail bar hong kong.


The star ingredients of the Daiquiri are white rum and lemon or lime juice, accompanied by sugar. However, as it is one of the most famous cocktails, we can also find many other variants, such as strawberry or banana.

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Tequila Sunrise

Although originally this cocktail was baptized Acapulco, it is known as Tequila Sunrise because of the striking orange color that characterizes it. Its main ingredient is tequila, but it also contains orange and grenadine juice.


This cocktail is also a summer classic, sweeping year after year. It is made with vodka, lime and blueberry juice and Cointreau liqueur.


This cocktail is not one of the best known, but it is one of the most refreshing options for the hottest days of summer. It is originally from New Orleans and has a multitude of variants. One of the most widespread is made with white and brown rum with passion fruit juice, lime, grenadine and crushed ice.