Some people’s immune systems have become overdone for some natural airborne particles, especially the pollen from all of these new flowers. Immunoglobulins, a component of your immune system, constantly patrol your mucous membranes. When they encounter an invader, they alert other members of their immune system to release histamine and expel waste; sneezing and producing a large amount of mucus to remove it.

Unfortunately, some of us have immune systems that have become too reactive, resulting in a total histamine release when only a moderate response is needed to do the job.

If you have hay fever, you will be pleased to know that there are many natural remedies that can help calm your immune system.

One of the old home remedies is to dip your hands in water as hot as possible. This will relieve sneezing and a runny nose for a few minutes, but since most of us don’t want to be tied to a sink all day, this is not practical in the long run.

Another very effective remedy is to make a small change to your diet. Naturopaths have found that people who consume large amounts of dairy products are more prone to hay fever hong kong. Try to eliminate all dairy from your diet this week and see how your hay fever reacts. (These are all milk, cheese, butter, cream, ice cream and yogurt from cows or goats or any other animal). Some people find that eliminating dairy from their diet during hay fever season is all they need to do to significantly improve their symptoms.

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As for the third remedy, I must also warn you, since mega doses of vitamins can be harmful. Some people find that chewing on a 500 mg vitamin C tablet relieves their sneezing for about 15 minutes, and then they may have to repeat it one or two more times for lasting effect. Vitamin C is actually a natural antihistamine and works by “suppressing” the excessive release of histamine from the mucous membranes. However, this medicine should not be used by children, anyone taking medicine (may have a negative effect), or if you have kidney disease. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Finally, there are some great homeopathic medicines available in sleep apnea center over the counter to ease your symptoms. Your local health food store or pharmacy will have enough. The beauty of homeopathy is that they are safe for everyone and do not interfere with any medication.