The most social media users couldn’t realize that hackers can override their account simply with the observation power. Things like personal photos, videos, and live broadcasts are getting shared by users most of the time on Instagram. Many users set their strong passwords plus use their best settings for security. You even remain conscious of accepting any friend request from strangers.

But you can’t realize that any cybercriminals easily analyze many irrelevant elements from a photo, words for caption, audio from video to collect enough personal information about you and your account to launch any convincing attack and scam. They are also known with names like Instagram account hacker or Facebook account hackers. It doesn’t only happen with social media but also happens with bank accounts, to make an attack. A hacker can be anyone, your friend, colleague, or some other strange person.

Elements that hacker use to get information include-

The Caption                  

These are the tool which a user-provided to hacker unknowingly. Suppose you posted a pic with some and tagged that person. This will enable the hacker to investigate that person from his or her account on social media. After that, chances are there that any prank mail or call can be made to you where you will assume about that tagged guy on the other side and let the hacker know many things.

Instagram account hacker is not different than other hackers

The Envelopes and identity card

The envelopes or identity cards include a name with address and the address information may help criminals to link with your identity to guess the password for any place. Because psychologically we put name, place, and birth date in password. So never misplace your letter or identity card. Many social media or bank accounts need number or address proves as the account is secured with that, and this can be the source.

The Cup

a cup gifted as a memento from school or college, carrying its logo, can show the direction to hackers to look at the database of that university to get your credential data which they find useful. Hackers can get into any system with a minute loophole because of your mistake. These data can help them to take over the control of your account with simple questionnaires which accounts for ask to change passwords.

Concert ticket

These are the other helping hand for the hackers to set a new password for the hacked accounts during the password recovery process. And it contains data like number, address, college, and voucher code which will enable the hacker to frame a fake email with a story of your winning of the imaginary lottery game and in return can ask you to fill some designed form which might be linked with your media account and retrieve safety details and bank account number. After entering the account they can miss use it in your name and for that, you have to clarify others, that it wasn’t you.