Bali is one of the main destinations in the world in terms of recreation. Landscape, culture, tourist attractions and staying at the villa are a great combination of impressions that tourists will gladly add to their album of memories. Here are some good tips to make sure your chosen villa meets your expectations and highlights the whole experience called Bali.

bali villasThe balance between budget and luxury

It is important to remember about Bali villas that they will not always be displayed in your image of a holiday villa. Some of them may be old, spoiled and in need of updating. Therefore, you must be absolutely sure that you are signing, instead of looking for something very cheap. It can end in a big disappointment. It is always good to book a villa through a website that offers pictures of the villa.

Which villas do you prefer?

It is very important to have an idea of ​​the design, floor plan and type of villa you are entering. If you need the experience of Bali, then villas that are a bit more traditional in terms of manners, including architecture, are the best option. If you are looking for absolute luxury, the standards are almost the same throughout the world, and you have to choose a beach villa that offers you great comfort and great views.


Perhaps the location of the bali villas may be one of the most important factors when choosing. Some villas are located away from major train stations and airports. In such cases, you may need to rent a car to rent it. More importantly, be sure to get to these villas before it gets too dark, as roads can be unpleasant and often poorly marked.

Basic needs

Sightseeing is your main reason, so make sure your villa is not too far from important attractions. You should also make sure there are restaurants nearby if you want to eat outside the villa once or twice.

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