Have you ever wondered if there’s such a drug that can act as a wood drug and at the same time prevent cancer? If you’re wondering when that will happen, then clearly you haven’t been updated with a few medical breakthroughs. There is a drug that effectively treats erectile dysfunction and the same time prevents cancer, its called Melanotan and it might just be the drug that you’re looking for.


The drug is known for two things, helps treat erectile dysfunction and helps prevent skin cancer. With such claims, there’s a big expectation with the drug and so far so good, it has never disappointed anyone yet. But, there are things that you need to consider when taking the drug. The aim always in taking the drug is not just about getting its maximum effects, but also taking the drug safely.

You need to consult your doctor:

Sure, you might have just discovered this great drug called Melanotan that not just help treat erectile dysfunction, but also prevents cancer. Even though that it’s not a controlled drug, it pays to get advice from an expert first before you even take one. Even if the doctor doesn’t know anything about the drug melanotan, they do know the classification of the drug and they can give you some information that they only know.

You need to know about the drug:

It might sound crazy but you should know that drug you’re taking, especially the ones that can give you the wood and help you prevent skin cancer. It doesn’t hurt doing this because you will be able to understand how the drug works, the contraindications, the recommended dose and the side effects that you should be avoiding. You won’t know all of this unless you got first-hand knowledge of the drug.

Never overdose or underdose:

There’s a big reason why you should know the right dose for you when taking Melanotan and that is to prevent overdosing and underdosing. Overdosing is about taking too much of the drug that will make you more prone to its side effects. Underdosing, on the other hand, refers to taking the drug in lower doses, you won’t be prone to its side effects but surely, the effects will be underwhelming or nothing at all, that’s why it’s important to get it right.

The drug Melanotan will be foreign to you and that’s perfectly understandable because most people don’t even know that the drug existed. What you should know though is that this drug might actually be your lifesaver. This Is because the drug can help treat erectile dysfunction and can treat skin cancer. The combination might seem weird, but if you think about it, its the perfect season for the drug since its already summer. But before you take the drug, you need to know a few things about taking one, just like any other drug. Before you take one, you need to consult your doctor first. You need to know about the drug, never overdose and underdose. If you plan to buy one, there’s a Melanotan 2 that you should check out.