You can find a lot of different alternatives to make your nails to become beautiful and colorful. Lots of nail polish varieties are now out of the market today and finding the best could be confusing. Some of the polishes can be ruined and damaged your nails, some of these can make your nails turn into yellow stains, and worst, some of these can even ruin your entire hand.

Semi-permanent manicure with gel polishes is pretty popular for women across the globe. They spend their free time on the beauty salon just to make their nails become beautiful. Having manicures for women is essential, because it is fashionable, classy, and can make a woman feel confident about herself.

But of course, not all semi-permanent nail polish would always bring beautiful result. Unfortunately some of the brands you can find in the market and online can bring harm to your nails. So to help you avoid these possible mishaps, this article is written to help you understand the pros and the cons of using semi-permanent nail polish on your nails.

Beautiful Pros #1:  Nail Appearance

Semi-permanent nail polish can make the nails to look brighter than the usual nail polish. Technically speaking, the color will remains unbothered until the end, because semi-permanent nail polish will only remove when the nail has grown.

traditional nail polish

Moreover, Pintauñas semipermanentes is versatile, it can accommodate a different kind of polishes like neon, iron shine, metallic tones, temperature colors, chameleon effects, and mirror effects. It can also be applied with the latest trend today like nail arts.

Beautiful Pros #2: Can Last Longer Compared to Others

Usually, it has a maximum duration of three to four weeks compared to the usual nail polish. Because of this feature, many women who love to travel are always picking semi-permanent manicure for their nails. The coat can last up to one month depends on the growth of the nails.

Ugly Cons #1: Depends Upon on the Type of the Nail

Semi-permanent nail polish could be a great option for some women, however, some women have weaker nails. If a woman suffers from diseases such as thyroid where it affects the dermis, nails, and hair, the process can be hard, because their nails will become harder instead of softening the nails.

Ugly Cons #2: Semi-Permanent Nail Polish is Hard to Remove

Removing semi-permanent nail polish is difficult if you are using a traditional nail polish remover. Removing this type of nail polish is need to be done by an expert manicurist. And sometimes, it can cost you an additional fee.