During the day, you are at the office or at your shop to protect your precious supplies or sensitive files. During the night, however, there is nothing you can do if someone wants to break in. 50five offers security solutions you can use to protect your business property. You can read reviews of 50five here. But what are these security solutions able to do for you? What can you as a shop owner or businessman do to keep other people out of your stuff?

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is useful when you want to save money on your energy bill. But these lights are useful for security purposes as well. First of all, you can set a timer. Via this timer, your lights will be turned on at a specific time. After a while, they will be turned off again. You can decide the time that your lights should be on. Of course, you also determine the duration. Burglars will think that someone is still in the office at night and chances are that this will discourage their break-in plans.

Sensor Lights

Lights are also useful for something else. Some lights are adjusted with a sensor. This sensor will detect trespassers and start to burn. Burglars will not like it if they have to carry out their plans in full light and there is also a chance that other people will notice that something is going on. And if they are not connected to the lighting, the sensor might be connected to your phone or directly to the police. You or the police will receive an alarm as a token that something is amiss.

Smart lighting is useful CCTV Security

CCTV is another kind of security measure that can give you some piece of mind. They allow you to keep an eye on your property from a distance. You install some cameras on your property and aim them at doors, windows and other places where people might want to make an attempt at trespassing. The images from the camera can be streamed and viewed via your computer, laptop or smartphone. After work, you can take the laptop or smartphone home with you and, from the comfort of your own home, keep an eye on your shop or office. Via CCTV, you will not only receive an alarm but can also check what is going on before you decide to leave your home to do something about it.


Large buildings often have intercoms to let someone in. If you use an intercom to let someone enter, you will be able to talk to someone before you open the door. It’s an extra barrier to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your office.

Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

Besides burglars, there is one other thing that might cause trouble: fire. Therefore, it might be wise to install a smoke detector and fire alarm. Smart fire alarms will start to extinguish the fire as soon as they detect smoke. Company properties are often remote and, during the night, they are abandoned. A fire alarm with a connection to the fire station will keep the place from burning down.

There are several ways to keep your property save and we advise you to install at least some of these security measures.