Los Santos is a big city in Grand Theft Auto V, and as a newcomer, you will surely be overwhelmed by this region’s massive map and there are also tons of activities that you can find upon your arrival there.

After you spent more than fifty hours in the city, you should focus yourself on getting on the right track to become a better player in Grand Theft Auto V or your gta 5 mobile.

To help you out, check these tips and tricks that can help you in achieving your goals easier like the gta 5 android or the gta 5 ios.

  1. Max all your critical skills first– All of the characters that are playable in GTA V have different skill levels, and not all of their skills are as meaningful as compared to others, however, it is best recommended to develop your own expertise across the board in two main areas, your shooting and your flying abilities especially when you download gta 5 apk where you get to experience the gta 5 android gameplay. You can improve your marksmanship at the Ammu-Nation Gun ranges that is located in Los Santos itself and other regions where you can shoot as much as you want to improve your marksmanship at the shooting range. Also, you have to master in controlling planes and helicopters by attending flight school that can be done at the Los Santos airport especially if you play gta 5 on phone.
  2. Try doing the stock market– One of the fastest ways to get filthy rich in GTA V is to invest wisely on the two stock market exchanges, the LCN and the BAWSAQ where you can access gta 5 mobile download or your gta 5 apk download. The LCN is considered to be more volatile than BAWSAQ in the market which is prone to steeper climbs and unexpected drops. BAWSAQ is a lot safer, however, the payoff can be potentially lower which is why you have to play with the stock market frequently. You also have to pay attention to any business-related news reports and you have to listen to it carefully to prevent bankruptcy just like the mobile gta 5.gta v ios
  3. Be wise during police chases– The natural instincts that players do to escape the escalating presence of police is through driving a car away from them except if you have android gta 5. It may be counterintuitive, however, there are times that driving is not the smartest way to escape the police, you can try to hide at backyards, alleyways, and parking garages if you are strolling around a neighborhood just like the features that you get when you have gta 5 download.
  4. Make sure you use your special abilities– Each of the three main characters have their own unique ability that provides them their own strengths and weaknesses even in gta v mobile. Franklin, for example, can slow down the time while he is at the back of the wheel while Michael can dodge bullets and slows time during shootouts, and Trevor have can absorb damage while racking up his kills like the gta v ios. If you use these abilities wisely, you can provide yourself a big advantage whenever you in a tough situation.
  5. Choose your escape vehicles wisely– There are some heists that you need a getaway vehicle to escape cleanly. Regardless of what you do, you have to avoid using vehicles that you have bought for this kind of scenario because you might just waste your money using your precious cars by using it during heists because it will disappear whenever you finished the mission which is same as the gta 5 for android.