Nowadays, the digital currency is still relatively new in the world, and therefore, it is natural for people to ask themselves, and also why they should think about using it. It can be challenging to learn how to start with this too. However, the positive is that it is not as difficult to use or as tricky as it seems. Also, as you know, much safer to use.

Although everything can be stolen, there is a common argument that bitcoins can be taken, but this is not always the case because they are digital. To protect yourself, it all comes down to following some simple rules and tips that will help increase your safety. The first thing you want to do is get a bitcoin wallet. You can follow these tips to stay safe and prevent something from happening.

Keep your wallets separated.

If you have a wallet that is used exclusively to spend your bitcoins, you should make sure that it does not contain all your bitcoins. This can make you more vulnerable to various types of abuse. Keep in mind that the number of addresses and portfolios you can have is not limited, so consider getting several different addresses to help you isolate and maintain security. You can have one for expenses and another to receive.

bit coin

 Avoid web portfolios for saving.

There have been recent cases in which web wallets were hacked and then released from all savings. It may seem that web wallets are much more convenient, but keep in mind that you want to use them as a current or current account and save money there to use in the future. This means that if you keep only a small amount in them, you run the risk of being stolen in case of piracy. With the exchange of bitcoins, you want to minimize your losses, and since Bit coin does not work like a credit card, if you lose money, you can not claim anyone. Although you can attract the law they can do little.

Always protect your privacy.

Always remember to keep all information confidential when exchanging bitcoins. Keep all PIN codes safe and never pass them on to anyone. If you have a shipping account and a receiving account, it will be easy for attackers to discover which one is which, and they can easily access your information. Be sure to keep your wallet key secret so that someone can not access it.

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