Transport System: Bitcoin has plans to get a specific number of boats which will fundamentally take into account the transportation needs of the in-house exchanging arm of the business.

AI(Artificial Intelligence) based Booking framework: The rundown of boats accessible to convey freight will be made open to the client dependent on the present area. The best coordinated least costs will be given to the client from which they will have the alternative to browse various bundles from various service suppliers dependent on details weight, time allotment, goal, address, source address.

Financier framework:

 A constant ship business framework for ship proprietors, merchant specialists, and the messenger organizations; all conceivable with the Bitcoin stage. The business arrangement of Bitcoin will offer ship-proprietors a chance to offer the boats which they can benefit to get moving at work.


Ship and Cargo Tracking System:

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) based ship and load following framework will be given by Bitcoin to its clients which can likewise be utilized to see the status and position of boats continuously.

Web based business Platform:

Here a stage for economic alliance is given which is quick, basic and secure, and utilizes worldwide digital currency expelling every one of the troubles related with fiat currency.

Transportation and load commercial center:

It gives a typical stage to shippers and brokers to associate and to facilitate the exchange procedure.

Portable Application:

As referenced above, earn bitcoin gives a versatile application to booking and following purposes just as giving definite reports to the equivalent.