Ironman is a type of a superhero which appears in American Comic Books that is published by Marvel Comics. Iron man was in development for many years. Iron man was first in the line by Marvel Studios and now its mission is to create a shared universe of heroes. It was in development for many years at more than one studio before he made his debut. It was optioned by Fox which would go on to make films based on Marvel heroes.

It was also a first Marvel film because of kids. Its aim was to sell the toys based on its marvel storecharacters that too more then selling the movies themselves. The company was able to assemble its own very particular kind of focus group- one made up of children. The kids were given a crash course in the characters Marvel had movie rights including their image and powers and winner was iron man. When marvel look back on stories which took place in past decades during contemporary stories that updated them where necessary. The iron man’s origin had to undergo a few changes over the years. Iron man is one of the more witty and funny super hero. He is fun to watch and he always brings some humor to the movies. Iron Man’s powers come from the suits he invented. The suites also grant him some pretty awesome powers. Iron Man can fly; he has a very durable and has many cool weapons. His most popular power is the rays that he can shoot from his palms.

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