Dietary supplements come in all sizes, shapes, and containers. Some weight loss supplements lessen your appetite and therefore limit your food intake. Others will increase your metabolic rate to maximize the amount of fat you burn while doing exercises. Another approach by a relative newcomer in the weight loss supplement scene is what is known as “carb blocker” or “starch blocker” supplements. White Bean Extract or the compound Phaseolus vulgaris is becoming increasingly popular because a lot of people are claiming to benefit from its starch blocking effect.

How do they “Block” starch?

First of all, let us understand how our body deals with carbohydrates, the moment you put and chew starchy food in your mouth, your body starts to digest it. Our salivary glands produce an enzyme called Alpha -Amylase and they break down starch or carbohydrates into simple sugars for the body to either use as energy or stored as fats. When this starchy food is swallowed into our stomach, the process is stopped temporarily as the stomach acids are too strong for the enzyme amylase to continue working.carb inhibitors do they work

As this partially digested food goes to the small intestines, our pancreas takes over the production of the enzyme Alpha Amylase and goes to work converting starch into simple sugars again. The active ingredient in white kidney bean extract Phaseolus vulgaris inhibits our pancreas to produce alpha-amylase preventing the starchy food from being broken down into usable sugar or fat. Subsequently, those undigested starchy food go into our large intestine and it gets fermented by the bacteria living in our gut. This has the effect of bloatedness and extra gas. This is by far the only documented kidney bean extract benefits  in all clinical studies.

Phase 2

Not all starch blockers are created equally. Phase 2 of Pharmachem Labs, is arguably the most effective among the bunch.  A total of 6 clinical trials were conducted on white kidney bean extract. Three of the studies were done on the Phase 2 brand of white kidney bean extract. While this might seem self-serving, the tests have shown promising results. Most of the tests, however, are done in shorter duration and have conditions attached such as maintaining proper diet and exercise. The weight lifting for fat loss  recorded during the course of the studies are very minimal and not severe or serious at all. The FDA has not objected to claims by the product Phase 2 in the US that the said product “may assist in weight control when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program.” In so far as side effects are concerned the recorded ill effects are relatively minor compared to other products of a similar nature. Only bloating and increased gassiness is the only side effect that is recorded.

Not Needed?

You don’t necessarily have to buy white kidney bean extract to lose weight. In fact, you can get the body of your dreams without any supplements at all. It is hard work and I am not going to sugar coat it. But with perseverance and discipline, it can be done. Taking supplements, however, will make it a bit easier and faster.