Food is a prominent thing on the life and to lead a healthy life, one must possess better knowledge over it. In the diet we follow, carbohydrates are the essential part but the intensity will differs drastically on every food on the markets. The glycemic index is also referred as GI index is a relative ranking of the carbohydrates present in the foods in accordance with its effects on blood glucose level.  Lower the GI level, slower the time to digested, absorbed and metabolized. Foods with the lower GI slowly increase the blood glucose level.  Everyone must develop their knowledge on GI.

metabolic syndrome

Many people have doubts that why do they bother about the GI. Since it’s been connected with the health and well being, it is mandatory to consider the GI level in your food. Importing more knowledge about GI will makes something better on your life. In a research it is found that, people who consume food with the lower GI has lesser probability to get affected with cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression, kidney disease, stroke, defects on neural tube, formation of gall stones, development of cancer cells on breast, prostate, pancreas. Sticking your choice with the whole grains, natural foods with the lower GI value can increase and maintain your health.

Food with glycemic index over 70 is high whereas medium level ranges from 70- 56.  Since most of the people have plans to stick their choice on the medium one, food with 55 is considered as an optimal option for the people. Limit the intake of finely ground, puffed and flaky food materials can offers many health benefits. Since the products have higher GI values, limiting them will be a better option on your life.  For the foods with lower GI values, prefer barely rip fruits and vegetables. Consulting the nutrition is one of the better options for the people.  The nutrition can helps you with what is necessary for your health and frames the diet plans accordingly.

In the internet, there are many blogs are available on the internet which can help the people with more knowledge about the GI. You can find the tabulation of the food materials and their GI values.  By spending time on those blogs, you might develop more knowledge about it and get more advantage about it. With the development on technology, learning new things becomes simpler to the people. Unlike the last decade, there is no longer necessary to depend on the others to learn new things. Make use of this blogs well and reach out the best.

Regulate GI intensity with the foods you consume and lead a healthier and happy life.