In the patch 0.7.3 of the game World of Tanks IS 6 – the premium Tier 8 heavy tank of the Soviet tree – replaced the KV-5 in the client shop and premium store. Compared to other premium VIII tanks in the WoT IS6 is mid-priced, which makes it a decent choice for the better part of players.

As always, Wargaming has prepared some unique gameplay for the Soviet tree lovers. Let’s find out whether this vehicle is worth our attention or not.

IS-6 Strengths

Judging by the stats inheritance in the WoT IS 6 is the older brother of IS, and we can prove our point. This premium tank boasts of way better mobility than its tier 8 competitors.

It means an indisputable advantage of flexibility over the others, as IS-6 players don’t feel the struggle of reacting to unexpected changes on the battlefield. Dynamic and flexible – these are the features IS-6 relies on.

Another strong side of IS-6 is his excellent armor protection. Its protection is truly unique due to insane angles of the armor plates.

The hull plates of 100/100/60 mm combined with correct positioning in the skirmish make IS-6 close to impenetrable for VIII tanks and lower, and its damage alpha of 390 and 5.13 fire rate make every penetration super painful for its foes.

All in all, IS-6 pros are:

  • Both decent DPM and Alpha allow the initiation and aggressive playstyle;
  • High plate angles and right positioning create frighteningly effective armor thickness;
  • Excellent mobility, considering the tanking potential it has;
  • Preferential matchmaking, just like the other premiums (no X tier matches).

IS-6 Weaknesses

IS-6 has some weak spots in his stats as well. For instance, its 122 mm D-30 Gun is the same weapon tier 7 heavy tank IS carries. 175mm penetration is not the best for tier 8. Add to this the low capacity for ammunition, poor aiming time and shell speed for both ammo types, low view range, and you’ll get a useless piece of metal on long distance.

To sum up, IS-6 cons are:

  • Pour gun stats;
  • A very limited range of view;
  • Significant lack of ammunition capacity.

The Final Conclusion

IS-6 is the best option for lovers of low-distance fights, especially for IS masters. Should you buy it? We believe that this tank – when mastered – is capable of totally dominating the battlefield. has a broad range of IS-6 accounts for any demands and budget. Don’t hesitate, buy your WoT account now and begin your IS-6 journey right away!