There are several types at blackhawksupply.comĀ Controls Sensors for room temperature and one of those are humidity sensors. These devices are efficient and required to maintain and measure the level of humidity in your room. They work by detecting the changes that are affecting the electrical currents or the temperature in the air present in your room. The humidity sensors come in three basic types namely resistive, capacitive and thermal. These sensors can monitor even the minute changes in the air in the room to calculate the humidity in the air.

Let us understand about each of the sensor types

  1. Capacitive: These types of humidity sensors measure the relative humidity of a room with the help of a thin strip of metal oxide which is placed between two electrodes. The capacity of the metal oxide changes according to the relative humidity in the air and it is widely used in commercial industries.
  2. Resistive: This sensor makes use of ions in salts in order to measure the electrical impedance of the atoms in the air. As humidity varies in the air so the resistance changes of the electrodes and it senses the humidity.
  3. Thermal: These sensors are able to conduct electricity according to the humidity of the air and it contains two sensors that work together to detect the humidity in the air.

How to choose a control sensor forĀ  at Blackhawk Supply:

There are several factors to consider while choosing the best humidity sensor for your room. These factors must be considered even if you are buying a device for residential or commercial purposes.

  1. Accuracy: the accuracy of a sensor can be judged based on the calibration curve of the device on a 9 point system. The more accurate sensor must be preferred.
  2. Linearity: this feature of the sensor can be judged by the voltage deviation of the device from the BFSL value And the measured voltage value after converting to relative humidity.
  3. Reliability: check if the sensor provides reliable output and has good warranty. If after you buy the measurements are not accurate then a branded device can be replaced.
  4. Repeatability: You must check that the device should show approximately same readings if it is put under same environmental conditions.

These are some of the factors to consider while buying control humidity sensor for your room.