6 Ways To Promote YouTube Channel

Did you know that many people prefer watching YouTube videos online rather than watching such videos on very small screens? As a matter of fact, YouTube has grown to be very popular that it is now just ranked below Google. Well, it shows just how much YouTube has also grown vital for the creatives but the real hurdle has got to be getting your video channel out to consumers. It is bound to get even harder as competition stiffens. So, is there a way out? How do you promote YouTube channel? Well, this article will take you through some clever ways you can promote your YouTube channel and stay ahead of the escalating competition.

6 Ways To Promote YouTube Channel

How to Promote YouTube Channel

  1. Create Compelling & Consistent Content

Let’s face it, at the heart of every successful business model is the product or service. In other words, the first way to promote your channel is to create some amazing video content consistently. This way your fans will be happy and even help spread the word to their networks.

  1. Get Social and Share Your Videos On Social Networks

Talking of sharing, it is not enough to just create great content. You should also share your content to social networks keeping in mind that everyone these days is a fan of one social network or another. It is also smart to allow people to embed your videos on their websites and let them share it along with their content.

  1. Optimize Your Videos For Search Engines

One other core way to promote YouTube channel is to optimize your channel in a way that ensures your YouTube videos are discovered by search engines. By search engines optimization, we are talking of focusing on ranking your videos higher on certain keywords. You can do so by using tailored keywords in your video titles, file names, descriptions, tags, annotations etc. The beauty is that you could use some free tools to find out which keywords you should focus on in a video e. g Google Keyword Planner, Google trends for research among others.

  1. Create Attractive YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube thumbnails are those tiny images that appear as previews to your videos. This is why you should make sure that they are attractive if you are to convert users who come across the videos. Research has shown that effective thumbnails tend to have close-up faces, text overlays, bright colored backgrounds and proper contrast around objects. Just keep this in mind when designing your thumbnails.

You should also ensure that your YouTube cover is top draw and very easy on the eye not to mention that you should fill in most of your YouTube Channel profile information.

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  1. Run a Contests

Promotions have got to be one of the oldest marketing strategies and it still works even in the digital space! So, you would want to create some incentives for your users in a bid to make sure that they stay engaged, loyal and even do some electronic word of mouth for you. You could, for instance, give out prizes for anyone who subscribes to your YouTube channel.

  1. Use End Of Screen

Don’t just let your users off without showing them other videos you have in store for them. This is where end screens come in using the last few seconds of your video to convert your users to other videos or even encourage subscriptions depending on your preferences. YouTube encourages this feature for any publisher looking for results in the realm of promoting YouTube Channel and Videos.

There you have it! Some of the very key strategies to promote any type of YouTube Channel. Still, this is just the tip of the iceberg but these tips are certainly the foundation of any YouTube channel promotion. So, why not try them and see how things pan out for you?

Building an Effective YouTube Channel for Businesses

It is without a doubt that social media has taken the world by storm since it has been introduced. People were raving about websites such as Friendster, and then came Facebook, and now we have YouTube. Staying connected just got easier over time, and this made many business men really happy as they can now easily market and advertise their products and services without breaking the bank.

Before, YouTube wasn’t the go-to platform to boost awareness for a company’s products or services, but technology found a way to help prove that the media streaming platform is more than just a means to watch cute cat clips. Now, YouTube is one of the leading areas for marketers to focus their social media output. There are a significant number of marketers who take advantage of this online video streaming platform. Now the question is- are you willing to become one of them?

Building Your YouTube Channel

  • Know Your Purpose

Before starting the road to YouTube fame, you need to start creating your channel. Think about what your ultimate goals are in creating your YouTube channel. Are you Building an Effective YouTube Channel for Businessesgoing to make it for product or service promotion? Will the channel provide helpful tutorials and how-to guidelines on particular projects? Will the channel just be purely for entertainment? Once you’ve determined the main objectives of your channel go ahead and start creating it.


  • What’s in a Name

While you’re setting up your YouTube channel, the name you choose will affect your overall brand. If you’re connected with a company, you can use the firm’s name as the title of the channel. However, if you’re just going to market yourself as an entrepreneur, then you might want to think of a catchy name that’ll embed into the minds of your viewers. For example, if you primarily publish cat videos on a daily basis, then perhaps a channel name like “Cute Cats 24/7” will suffice.

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  • Create Multiple Channel Managers

Let’s face it, we don’t have all the time in the world, but it doesn’t mean you should be the sole manager of the channel. Now that you’ve got a name for the YouTube channel, you should start giving access to people who you want to act as channel managers. Do note, however, that to setup multiple managers, the YouTube channel and Google+ profiles need to be linked with each other. Once you’ve achieved that, you can invite people to become channel managers.

  • Don’t Forget to Add a Description

When you enter another YouTuber’s channel, you’ll notice that the channel’s description is not highlighted immediately within the page. That’s alright because you’re not only going to try and appeal to future audiences through the description, but you need to comply with Google’s algorithm as well. Note that the first 100 words will appear in Google’s search results, and this small block of text should be your priority. Place important keywords within those 100 words to have a higher chance of appearing at the top of search results.

Once you’ve got your channel all set up, it’s now time to start making some videos. Remember, upload videos regularly to let viewers have something to look forward to once they’ve subscribed to your channel.